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herre methorst

herre methorst

"To catch the emotion in everyday life images is the big challenge in all my work."

Herre is one of the first artists who changed his leadpencil for a computerpencil. StreetViewArt is a project he started in August 2009. It gives you an artistic impression of the world captured by Google Street View. In 2013 he took part in the art Biennale of Venice at Palazzo Bembo with Personal Structures.

After StreetViewArt, which marked the beginning of his creative adventure in the digital world, he started a series of new projects. The first is Temptation in which the viewer is challenged by the sometimes erotic images. In short fast lines eye contact is made with the viewer. You will get caught or they push you off. Herre lived and worked for three years to work in Jeruzalem, which inspired his projects Devotion and Egged. With Devotion he wants to express the inner faith of mankind. A halo of inward emotion that does not allow the earthly and profane to come in. Man on his way to afterlife. Egged is a buscompany in Jerusalem driving green buses. In this project he tries to catch people on the move from one busstop to the next. His Black Skin which he started in May 2016 shows you the emotion of the body and the people in it. His latest projects are Identity and Under Pressure. At the Annual Dutch Art Fair in September 2017 in Amsterdam he was awarded with the first price of the AXA-jury. In 2017 and 2019 he was selected to exhibit at the Internationale Exlibris- en kleingrafiek competition in The Stedelijke Musea Sint-Niklaas.

Herre was born in 1955 in Zeist, Netherlands. Worked 15 years as a graphic designer and art director. He has been an independent artist now for over 30 years. His stay for six years in Africa had a special influence on his work because it allowed him to see the world in a different perspective. After three years living in Jerusalem, he now lives in Beograd. He is a member of the National Association of Artists, NABK.